We rent, sell and maintain a variety of “Plants and Containers” to suit interior and exterior environments.

Based on a wealth of experience and knowledge, our Plant Specialist & Designer can intuitively and professionally choose the best plant for your office and bespoke designs in a container of your choice.

We design, install and offer excellence in maintenance services looking after your plants helping them to establish and thrive after installed.

Indoor Secret Garden offers 3 services options:

We install the plant displays with no upfront costs. You just pay a monthly charge after we have installed the plant displays. Also our maintenance service is included in the rental charge as well as free plant replacement of any plant losing its vitality and purpose.
- Outright purchase of plants and containers. If you choose to purchase we can still offer our regular maintenance services with free plant replacement for a monthly charge.
We can consider your existing plant display giving you advice and offering our regular maintenance services.

Our maintenance technicians are qualified and professional. They will attend to your establishment every two weeks to water, clean, dust, prune, feed and check for pest & disease (we only use organic or biological control methods). They know how to work safely around your employee and visitors. They will keep your plants looking their best. 

Whether you want to rent, purchase or hire our maintenance services, we are here to help. 

Design Process

1st Step: Contact us to arrange a free design consultation
 We will survey your premises and provide a free no-obligation design project with a competitive price.

2nd Step: Delivery and installation
 We avoid peat-based compost and only work with high quality plants. All work is completed punctually, professionally and with absolute minimum disruption to your office.

3rd Step: Regular maintenance
 Our maintenance technicians are qualified and professional. They will attend to your premises on a regular basis.

We must all strive to reconnect with nature, contact Indoor Secret Garden to arrange a visit with our Plant Specialist & Designer.

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