Interior Plants

Breathe life by incorporating living plants to your office, school, university, hospital, restaurant and hotel bringing the element of vitality to the workspace. Plants improve air quality, reduce noise levels and create a healthier more pleasant environment, bringing positive energy to the space..

Enjoy all the benefits of plants. They can either be office floor standing being used as a focal point with a large architectural plant, repeated alongside a corridor or pathway to inspire harmony as well as displayed on top of cabinets and desktops to create a great effect.

There are many ways of placing plants and containers around the office. Our inspirational gallery bellows show part of our plants and containers available. They give you an idea of how well established and nurtured beautiful plants will enhance your interior.


Plants come in many sizes, shapes and the variety is vast. Contact us to arrange a visit. We will according to your existing interior design suggest the right plant scheme.

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